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Alluring southern California is known for its eclectic people, its magnificent beauty and fabulous year-round weather. Many future homeowners dream of buying property in such an attractive area, located in close proximity to beaches and other entertainment, complete with a tolerable commute to work. Does this sound like a dream come true for you? If so, you’re sure to love what La Jolla real estate has to offer.

Located just 15 minutes northwest of San Diego, La Jolla homes are popular among singles, couples and families alike. As a La Jolla resident, you’ll live and breathe in a truly gorgeous setting, with easy access to local restaurants and shopping centers. Plus, you’re just a short drive from a myriad of interesting things to see and do in nearby San Diego.

Like much of southern California, La Jolla enjoys beautifully pleasant year-round weather, which draws oodles of tourists and new residents to the area. Very little precipitation occurs from May through September, and morning fog is common although seldom a hindrance. Apart from the weather, the scenery and variations in landscape prevalent throughout the area are truly remarkable. Where else in America could you enjoy a daytrip to the coastline, the desert or the mountains?

What initially began as a quiet local village has evolved into a cosmopolitan city, attracting affluent home buyers, celebrities and real estate investors from near and far. The mysterious origins of the name “La Jolla” remain unknown, as the area was already called La Jolla Park when purchased by Frank T. Botsford in 1886. A savvy businessman with an eye for opportunity, Botsford subdivided the land and auctioned lots the very next year. La Jolla homes have grown in number from a mere 350 in 1900 to more than 30,000 residences in present day.

As the population grew and the area’s splendid beauty remained intact, tourism began to thrive in the early 1900s, forming La Jolla ‘s economic base. The roaring 1920s brought a change in architectural style, graduating from casual beachside cottage to include a more regal California/Spanish flavor. The subdivisions seen in La Jolla real estate were created in 1926, as well as the development of the La Jolla Beach & Yacht Club, which is today the site of the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. La Jolla remains a popular tourist mecca, drawing people from all over the country who are seeking its intense beauty while escaping the hustle and bustle of nearby San Diego.

In addition to being home to many of the most prestigious addresses in California , La Jolla is also the location of University of California, San Diego. Established in the mid-1960s, UC San Diego remains the cultural and learning center of the area.

UC San Diego was build adjacent to the prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography, established in 1905. Many outstanding San Diego schools are within reach of La Jolla homes.

Over time, tiny cottages gave way to sprawling designer estates and prominent mansions tucked away behind lush landscaping. Very few high rise buildings block the coastline view, and local ordinances prevent future construction of this nature. Today the strong cultural influence of La Jolla, as well as its emphasis on luxurious living, proves irresistible to a wide range of residents from diverse backgrounds.

Perhaps the most challenging part of sifting through La Jolla homes for sale is determining which part of the area offers a perfect match for you. With more than a dozen distinct neighborhoods to choose from, La Jolla real estate truly provides something for everyone. Certain neighborhoods of La Jolla offer a wide range of single-family dwellings, while others provide abundant choices in condominiums and town homes.

As you begin your search for La Jolla real estate, consider prioritizing your list of wants and needs. For example, you may discover that it’s far more important to you to have easy access to work than it is to have easy access to the beach.

It’s also important to consider what specific features are “must-haves” in your new home. Price is another factor that can come into play when browsing La Jolla homes. Consider completing a quick, simple prequalification process to determine an appropriate budget for your new purchase. Greg Noonan is an expert La Jolla REALTOR® and broker who can assist you in creating a list of requirements and preferences to assist you in narrowing your search.

Greg Noonan and his network of professionals will partner with you to find the La Jolla home of your dreams. Sure, you could spend hours scouring the online listing of La Jolla homes for sale, or you could meet with Greg and let him handle the legwork. Greg will interview you to discover exactly what you’re looking for in a home and help you create a list of criteria. Based on that list, Greg will conduct an extensive search of available homes and create a customized tour of homes that meet your discriminating tastes. Prudential is recognized nationally for its strong customer service culture, and Greg Noonan has consistently rated among the best real estate agents in the country. In fact, Greg was recognized as the top agent for sales volume by Prudential California Realty in the ultra-competitive San Diego County. Additionally, you won’t find more competent, more comprehensive service than what Greg offers, which is why he was named Best REALTOR® in La Jolla two years in a row. To discover what premier real estate in this area can offer you, contact La Jolla REALTOR® Greg Noonan at 858-551-3302 today.

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